Frequently Asked Questions:

1.What age needed to start this program.

Any person above 18 years having computer knowledge with bank account number for receiving money are eligible.There is no upper age limit.

2. Investment need to start.

No investment is required for this program you can start earning with our course with in 2-3 days.Only one time course fee is charged.

3.How much i can make with this program.

Depends on time you spent on internet .Normally in free time by spending up to 2 hours you can easily earn $30 to $40 per day.

4.My Existing bank account is enough for this program.

Your existing bank account will accept payment within your country but for international payment open PayPal before staring work.

5.What skill needed to start this program.

Basic English ,internet knowledge along with Facebook access is enough to start this program

6.Is there any specific time need to work on daily basis.

No,you can work according to your free time on daily basis.

7.Is there any financial risk involved in this program.

No risk involved in this program.Here is no investment .

8.I can take help from my friend to do this program.

yes , you can take help other to earn money quickly.

9.Who will pay money .

we are filters world best  organization are interested to work you.

10.How much time this program valid.

This program is life time valid.you can make money lifelong .

11.Is this Multilevel marketing program.

No,This is not multi level marketing program.You work independently.

12.After joing this program i can recommeond to others.

Yes.you can recommond others because this is proven methobd to earn money.

13.If Iam not satisfied with this program can i get my money back.

Yes,you can get complete amount back with in one week based on our decision.